If These Walls Could Talk

by Darien Dean

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released February 8, 2009



all rights reserved


Darien Dean New York, New York

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Track Name: Just Can't Wait
You take me places
I've never seen with my own eyes
With no hesitation
You came and you taught me how to fly
Some people find love
But lose it by walking cautiously
But you see me
I've got no patience
Now that you have piqued my curiosity

And I just can't wait
I just can't wait
I'm 'bout to break
It's been so long
Can't hold my breathe
Got nothing left
I'm about to explode

Straight out the oven babe
I can't even wait for it to cool down
I'm intoxicated I can't help it
Just a fool when you're around

And as long
As our feelings grow
Why should we waste our time
And take it slow
No one knows what the future holds
But we'll both be fine
This time
If we just let go

You made it real
Something that once - was just a dream
Now that I know
What I can have
I'm not settlin' for just anything
I looked into your eyes and see you looking back in mine
And that's moment I realized it was almost time
And I just can't
No I just can't wait
Track Name: Gone
I'm gone
I'm leavin’ here today
Gonna get so far away
That all the bad days that I've known will never find me
So long to the life I used to live
Though I kept it positive,
Been there and done that and
there's so much more to see
I know that it's time for me to grow
I gotta get out this fish bowl
And go and test my fins by swimmin’ in the sea
So now I'm

I'm gone
Said I gotta leave
Said I'm gone

Let go
Like a kite without a string
Pack light, left everything
'Cause when I get there
I'll have all that I could need and
I won't give up my window seat
I wanna see my destiny
While maintainin' altitude and steady speed
Explore like a place I've never been
Feels good to breathe again
And in my book of life a new chapter begins
Now that I'm


Why think small
When the world is just so big
And I got so much to give
Nothing to lose left my excuses are way behind me
It's my boat
So I chose to raise the sail
'Cause I knew it couldn't fail
And where I'm goin' you gon’ need a map to find me
I'm sure
Some folks gon’ disagree
But I know what's best for me
And if you wanna
You can feel free to talk about me when I'm gone


I'm leavin' on the next plane,
I know that I won't be back again
So much I got to see
But your welcome to follow me
I'm leavin' on the next plane,
I know that I won't be back again
So much I got to see
But if you chose to follow me
Then we're gone
Track Name: Composure
It begins,
we met as friends
workin' on the job
Can't pretend
even back then
I watched you from afar
You learn me,
I'll study you
highlight my favorite parts
The stars aligned
yours and mine
perfect from the start

Though I barely know ya
I lose all composure when I'm with you
through prolonged exposure
love me and escape in somethin' new

My eyes were closed
and you took my hand
and led me through the dark
said happiness
may all depend on
where you place your heart
You welcomed me
with open arms
when my ship hit your shore
in this world we're livin' in
there's just one thing left that's pure

Let's take a journey
come on let's get away
(love will be our guide)
no reservations
just pack up and go
(love me, get there)
just love me when we get there

You helped me
express the things that
my words could never say
The day you opened
and you let me in
I knew heaven wasn't far away
Track Name: Where It's At
And I know that this is where it's at
and that's a fact
All the signs point straight to you

And in a world of many faces
so many different places
I'm just glad
that I found

First thing, it's not luck or coincidence
not by chance or an accident
The Most High placed us both here for a reason
And I'd go
across the seas the continents
travel through time if that would get
rid of the space between us

In times of old
wise men would follow the stars
your light it shines so bright
it led me to where you are
got your coordinates dialed in
so many places that I've been
not one to call my own
but now I've finally found my home

Well this life is filled with mysteries
but sometimes we're given clues
without the gps or the internet
I found my way to you
'long the way I hit some roadblocks babe
detours I faced a few
but it the end it was all worth it
cause it brought me back to you
Track Name: Showya
I can see your star from miles away
Especially late at night when you're out to play
And I can tell your ready by the way you move
I'm getting all excited just watching you

And I just wanna show you things you've never seen
In all your wildest dreams
So baby just enjoy yourself
Sit back, relax we're on our way
Our way to ecstasy

At times you've felt as distant as the Milky Way
But luckily for me that's not the case today
I'm on a secret mission to your heart
To give you what you been missin' from the start

Even in an overcrowded room
When our eyes meet it's just me and you
Girl your invitation’s got me high
A former constellation now your mine

Show me the shortest route
To get me from here to you
Track Name: My Door
I used to sit by the window
Watchin' the days go by
Seemed to me
Life could be simple
If I never stepped outside
The walls I used
For strength and protection
Somehow seemed to trap me in
So on the day
You offered to rescue me
I knew I had to let you in

When you-
You knocked on my door
It was such a good feelin' that I
Couldn't ask
For anything more

And for the first time
I put my heart in someone's hands
Not worried what the future might lead me to
'Cause when you came
You told me I should be prepared
'Cause the walls might crumble down
But we can take the pieces and build somethin' new

The sun shined my way
When I met you
So warm and so bright
This is - For all of the clouds you had to get through
To be in my life

It's like you freed me
When you came in
And you always had the key
Track Name: Sail Thru
All of the world's a toy for you
And I'm your play thing
As you see fit do what you do
You can have me
Right out the box, girl I'm brand new
No exceptions
Once you realize there are no rules

All along the way,
Problems seem to fade from view
I knew on the day
I met you, we'd sail right thru

Everyday you prove to me
There are wonders
Hands can't take hold of, eyes can't see
Just imagine
All of the possibilities
When your sadness, opens it's arms and sets you free

Maybe the sun won't rise tomorrow
And you can call me crazy
But wherever you go I'd still follow
More sights to see
Than pictures you find in magazines
And you’re my personal guide to everything
Track Name: Love Revolution
Let's start a Love Revolution
change the system
to change the future

We cry freedom
free to love, we're free
free to sleep around
and do the things we please
but where's our reason
can't we see by now
consequence has shown us love ain't really free
now, I know there's
been some changes
different stages love
has gone and made it through
but I can't help but
feel it's dangerous
the path we go down now
will show us no returns

think back two generations
man the family structure was so different then
Now fast forward to the present
where the single parent home is prominent
cause we got babies having babies
seems temptation and pleasure
have become best friends
but without love we got nothing
cause it's the foundation
on which the whole world depends
Track Name: The Road
It’s time to leave
Packed up all my favorite things
Storms can come my way, bring clouds I'm not afraid
'Cause I believe, this will be my destiny
Storms that send down rain also bring winds of change
Finally, feel like I can spread my wings
Destination’s clear though my flight's been delayed
'Cause time and time again I've found
That once your feet come off the ground
You can't help but find the strength
To break loose from the chains
That held you from your dreams

The road has been testin' me
But it won't get the best of me
I was lost for a little while
But that’s over now, it's up to me
I'm turning my life around,
So it won't ever get me down
Took a while just to figure out
It was always up to me

Used to be
I questioned every move I made
Things that mean the most are quick to test your faith
While I could see the picture clearly in my head
I always worried that I might run out of paint
And then suddenly, like a day brand new
All my colors began to fall in place
Filling all my voids, I'm overjoyed
Made a difference in my life
And led me to the place I wanna be

And it took me some time, but now I realize
We're defined in life by roles we choose to play
While I can breathe I'm gonna do everything I can
To make the most of mine while I’m still on the stage
'Cause no one really knows what the future holds
You're not promised another day
You owe it to yourself, If for no one else
To make the changes in your life
That get you to the place you need to be
Track Name: Nowhere
I wouldn't leave
If you begged me to go
how could I leave you
when you need me most?
fairweather people
in and out of your life
have tried there best
to extinguish your light
but when I was a seed you
you helped me to grow
so I offer my shoulders
to carry your load

I heard you reap
all that you sow
When your crops come in
you'll harvest gold
and just like the trees do
our roots run deep
so time cannot steal
all of our memories
so you go head and sleep now
it'll be alright
cause when you awake
I'll be right by your side

In my mind I can see just
how it's gonna go
they're gonna throw a parade for you
when they welcome you home
and life without you at
first will be cold
but I'll have your memories
to warm up my soul
and I'll hold you down
like a torch holds a flame
and make sure the world
will remember your name
Track Name: Saturday
We live everyday like Saturday
We let all our - Cares Away
Now’s our chance to -Get away
'Cause everyday is like Saturday

Woke up didn't punch the clock
Got my good foot out the shop
And tonight's the night we go steppin'
If want some you can come get it
Dressed up like we 'bout to play
Guest list we ain't got to pay
So go head on and pop yo’ collar
'Cause we ain't goin' to work tomorrow

We’re pimped out so we take it back
To 8 tracks and a Cadillac
Where your shades and your glass stay tinted
If you stare you'll see yourself in it
So let's toast to the good life
'Cause we know what it look like
And mothership’s still comin'
When it lands I'm gon' get on it
One of these Saturday's

If you live by the check to check
Or make enough just to pay your rent
You deserve a brief intermission
To enjoy this life you've been givin'
Let go try and have some fun
Hands up like your touchin' the sun
And it ain't gonna end today
'Cause we live everyday as if it's Saturday

One of these days is not the same
One of them'll knock you right out the frame
Into something that your not used to doin’
But do you, man it’s up to you
I mean, is this life here really what it seem
We light up the floor like MJ do Billie Jean
Game recognize game -Tell ‘em take a picture
But do it fast ‘fo Saturday’s get ya
Track Name: All Kinds Of Things
Girl, I know you’re tired
Of guys approachin' with the same old lines
What you deserve, is so much more
You need a person of a different kind
'Cause you've waited nearly all your life
In hope that someone would play your favorite song
So when you hear it, I hope you realize,
That it's the one that I've played all along

There are all kinds of things
Big and small
And you and I were made to have it all
And there are all kinds of people in this world,
But it begins with just one boy and girl

It's just beginning, but I'm convinced,
Our lives will change with just a simple kiss
That when repeated, over space and time,
Will bring us closer to our happiness.
We can chase our cares away
Waste no time lets go today

I know in time
We'll add our pieces to this great design
And when it's finished
We'll sit back and laugh
About the parts that seemed so hard to find
Couldn't pick a better place
This is where I wanna stay

We've got the rest of our lives
To explore this
Even if just one night
let's enjoy this
Track Name: If These Walls Could Talk
If these walls could talk
Oh what they'd say
They'd tell the story of my life

I lost my dad as a little boy
--momma, she had to 2 pairs of shoes to fill
saved up her money, got her spirit right
bought us a house up on a hill
new friends new school, new way of life
everythang we once knew had changed
(but they say)
whateva don't break ya
was sent to you to make ya
stronger in the end
and we were never the same

And after school, on the porchtop
we used to dance
and talk bout how we's gon make it big
I moved into the basement
bought myself equipment then
built the studio
my dreams aint changed since
I was a kid
I can remember my
first love, first kiss, first time I ever ......
(don't you say it)
mistakes heartaches,
Man growin up was so amazin'
and in the mist of it all
we climb and we fall
but I know that I wouldn't change a thing

from my baby teeth into puberty
I was so shy that I could hardly speak
used to cut my hair in the bathroom sink
summers in JA with my family
mind went to places you could never know
nights I was writin, but was all alone
doubt filled my mind but it's no surprise
I dreamed alot with open eyes
but something that
made it all worth the while
were the songs inside
when they came to life
and if you look you'll find
that every house has stories
but this one is mine

We've seen ups and we've seen downs
seen our lives turned all around
but one thing there's no shortage of
is memories and love
Track Name: Seasons
Our yesterday's, so far away
So many words that are hard to say
But all this time, should've told you somethin'
'Cause now it feels like it's all or nothing
So long we’ve been upon this roller coaster
Where we travel far never gettin' closer
In line for the merry go round
But the fair has let us down

Season's they might come and go
For reasons that we may never know
And people grow and move apart
On their way back to the start

So here we are, no more reservations
I need you to know, I want you for my lady
To share my world, I know it ain’t perfect
But it's easier with someone who's worth it
If we just take us for a spin again
I can guarantee that we'll see the end
I'm lost when you’re not around
And this is what I've found
Track Name: Whole Lotta Love
Darlin' let me love you
guard you from pain
Be your gloves in the wintertime
and your coat in the rain
We've seen a whole lot of love
whole lot of pain in our lives
and we're due for some love again

We'll sing together
I'll write you a song
call it true love lasts forever
and it should be that long
We've seen a whole lot of love
whole lot of pain in our lives
and we're due for some love again

Let's start a family
a new branch on the tree
watered with affection
after plantin' our seed
We've seen a whole lot of love
whole lot of pain in our lives
and we're due for some love again

Darlin' let me hold you guard you from pain
Be your gloves in the winter
and your coat in the rain
We've seen a whole lot of love
whole lot of pain in our lives
and we're due for some love again